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I bring a different approach to therapy and DBT with a unique blend of education, professional  and life experience.  My peers and patients describe my style as warm, direct, and effective.  I rely on humor as well.  

DBT does not work as well with Anxiety and PTSD.  I have been trained at University of Washington to treat PTSD and other anxiety related conditions with the DBT model.  This advanced training allows me to treat anxiety and PTSD more effectively.   I am Intensively Trained in the DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol

Therapy Services Provided: 

  • Individual adult DBT 
  • Individual adult skills teaching
  • DBT therapy with Prolonged Exposure
  • DBT training and supervision for  therapists
  • Can provide DBT Skills group
  • Individual child therapy: In some circumstances, I do work with children, with proof of custody.  However, I do not work with court custody cases nor prepare documentation for legal matters.  

I have training and experience working with children.  I hold a Pupil Personnel Service Credential and can practice as a school social worker in California Public Schools.  Additionally, I worked with probation placed boys in a residential setting.


For Appointment Call: (818) 521-3867

Licensed Clinical Social Worker License No. 25769